Happy (Belated) 1st Birthday!

Four months ago Maelle turned one. (I'm clearly a little delayed with this post). To celebrate I decided to stage my own "cake smash" photo shoot (insert eye roll here from my husband who thinks these types of things are a little too cheesy). For those who aren't familiar with "cake smash" photos, here's an example  (and another).

Before I began my shoot, I made sure I had all the components of a good cake smash photo:

1) Colourful pennant banner? Check
2) Cake (or cupcake) to smash? Check
3) Simple background? Check
4) A cooperative year old? Ummm...

Actually, Maelle was a good sport. She (mostly) sat still long enough for me to take photos. She played with the cupcake. She "smashed" (or rather crumbled) the cupcake. She wasn't, however, keen on actually tasting the cupcake and I don't even think she knew it was food.  Here are the results of my shoot!