First Haircut

I sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas of what to photograph  next but last weekend I decided to kill two birds with one stone and document Maelle's first haircut. We had been putting it off for a while - mostly because Maelle doesn't let anyone near her hair (I don't want to admit how few times in her life it's actually been brushed). But eventually, we decided a little trim was in order.

Things started off well. Maelle was happy to sit in the boat-themed chair.

But soon things went downhill. 

When the stranger (aka nice hairdresser) took out her scissors, things got worse. Much worse. A breakdown ensued.

But Maelle soon settled down, although she held onto our fingers with the strongest finger grip possible.

Eventually, I had to admit she was doing just fine...until I made the rookie mistake of stepping away to try to take some photos.

Just a couple minutes later - no exaggeration here, I think the total haircut took less than 4 minutes, from start to finish - she was done. 

Her curls were still intact, but the back was cleaner  Maelle survived her first haircut and I had couple pictures (and a lock of her hair) to capture the moment forever.