Baby Bump

Google "baby bump photo ideas" and you'll see the best and worst of photography. On one hand, there are many sweet pics of moms to be. On the other, there are more than a few cheesy photos (e.g. heart shaped shadows or bows on bellies) or just plain odd poses involving bare bellies (I'll let you Google to see for yourself). Therefore my goal while taking photos of my pregnant sister-in-law was clear: capture a couple cute shots, while avoiding any of the cheesy, overly cliché poses. Pinterest was a great inspiration for ideas: I pinned my favourite photos before the shoot, which was helpful once I had run out of my own ideas.

To shoot the first photo below, having Claire pose in front of the bright window created a pretty glow, highlighting her silhouette. Because I was shooting into the bright light, it was important that my camera was on Manual mode and that I set the exposure to properly expose Claire's face (click here for a refresher on shooting in backlight).

I think the next two photos do a good job of capturing the connection between Brooks and Claire in a natural way, even though they are posed.  In the first, their touching hands and the angles of their faces creates a sense of intimacy. In the second, the door creates a frame within a frame, and the more distant vantage point makes it appear as if I caught a genuine moment.

In the next photo, having Claire pose against a relatively simple background works well (although the photo is slightly off balanced - it would have worked better if the side table and dresser were equal heights to create symmetry).

Finally in the last photo shooting from a lower angle highlights her adorable baby bump. In an earlier post, I mentioned that shooting from low to high is often a challenging angle to create a flattering pose, but I think it works here because it emphasizes her belly.