We were lucky enough to welcome a new addition to our family a couple of weeks ago with the birth of our son. Pretty quickly my husband and I both agreed that he shared a pretty striking resemblance to his older sister when she was a newborn. But memories can be a tricky thing: sometimes they can fool you into believing something that doesn't quite match up with reality. I know that photography can capture memories but I wanted to see if it can also confirm a memory. To find out I decided to recreate some of my favourite shots of my daughter with my son!

And the verdict is... they aren't twins but they're pretty close (in case you were fooled, my son appears first in all the photos). Julian has a little more hair, is a little meatier and has a slightly more square face than his older sister but the rest of their features are very similar. But just like memories, a photograph isn't a perfect representation of reality. As much as I tried to recreate the photos, they were taken with different lenses, from somewhat different angles, and at different exposure settings (not to mention the fact that the poses and expressions aren't carbon copies), so it's hard to know for sure what accounts for all of the differences you see above.

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