When to capture a moment...and when to sit back and enjoy it

When I was younger, I admit that I suffered from FOMO (a fear of missing out, usually related to social events).  Even though I've largely overcome this fear now that my Saturday nights at the bar are a thing of the past, a new kind of FOMO has emerged. A fear of missing the perfect shot. When I notice that the light is at just the right angle or Julian is making one of his adorable faces and I don't have my camera out, I often feel like I should be taking a photo. But truth be told, I know that photographing your life is about striking a balance.  While I'm lucky to have so many subjects all around me, if I miss one shot there'll be thousands more to capture.

I made sure to remind myself of this on our recent trip to Mexico. There were several times I purposely left my camera back in the room so that I could just enjoy the sun and sand without worrying about taking pictures. At other times, I forced myself to put my camera down even though the setting and light seemed perfect when I sensed that my not so patient two year old (and my ever patient husband) were done smiling for the camera.

Looking back at my pictures from our vacation at the Azul Fives resort, I think I was able to capture just enough of the moments to act as a great reminder of our wonderful week away.


  1. These are terrific, Kira. I especially like the one of Justin on Peirce' shoulders with their two identical mouths holding identical expressions.
    Lovely light, and a (sorry!) lighthearted approach.
    I recall missing a stellar shot when K and W were tiny. After that I always left the camera where I could grab it immediately even though this meant cleaning dust and dog hair off it regularly. So, I am with you on the FOMO thing. And I am still doing it. I just went back and reshot some stuff that I am doing for our refugee committee and I may just go back a fourth time for one particular mess. Obsessive, is that the word?

  2. Cripes. Julian. Only it was Maelle. Old age is hell.

  3. Thanks Mary! At times I fear my husband might also call me a little obsessive.

  4. You've captured wonderful memories! The one of Pearce comforting Maelle is adorable.